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3 Creative Ways to Use Badge Buddies at Your School

Posted by Dan Ryan on Oct 21, 2016 3:00:00 PM

Badge Buddies role-recognition cards are known as excellent complements to a healthcare ID badging program.

It makes sense: their bright colors and bold text make them a great way to have a worker's title stand out in a crowded healthcare environment.

However, over time, our beloved Badge Buddies have been typecast.

Many people now see Badge Buddies as a "healthcare accessory," something that belongs in a hospital, doctor's office or medical center.

Badge Buddies are capable of so much more!

There are dozens of different industries that would benefit from role recognition. After all, few businesses have absolutely no interest in making things easier on their customers, which is exactly what Badge Buddies do (by clearly identifying personnel).

In fact, there's one particular market where, like in healthcare, a busy environment would benefit from the clear, bold role recognition offered by badge buddies: schools!

The ABCs of Badge Buddies for schools

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5 Signs Your Current Visitor Management Program Needs Help

Posted by Dan Ryan on Oct 20, 2016 9:00:00 AM


With Visitor Management, it's easy to talk about the good stuff.

When your system prevents an unwanted guest from gaining access to your site or a guest compliments the strong first impression he or she got from your sign-in process, it's fun to soak in the praise.

You take a step back, pat yourself on the back and think, "I am great."

And you are! There's nothing wrong with celebrating Visitor Management successes and basking in the glory of keeping your site and its personnel safe and secure.

However, there's also the other side of the coin.

Yes, the bad.

No one likes to discuss their failures, let alone celebrate them. But with Visitor Management, some failures are telltale signs that your Visitor Management installation isn't working properly, and needs to be looked at again.

Don't worry!

These failures aren't things that you need to dwell on or mope about. Instead, identifying these weaknesses can be looked at as a good thing: by finding issues and rectifying them, you'll ensure that your site remains secure.

You can't fix your problems without identifying them first

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Topics: Visitor Management, contractor management, office visitor management, business visitor management, government Visitor Management

5 Questions to Ask When Shopping for a Visitor Management System

Posted by Dan Ryan on Oct 14, 2016 3:45:00 PM

Visitor Management!

We talk about it a lot, and you know it's important.

You want it. You need it. You gotta have it!

But how do you go about finding the system that's right for you?

Truthfully, there's no simple answer to that question: choosing a Visitor Management system is one of the more difficult ID/security-related purchases an organization can make because each system is unique to the site at which it's installed.

Basically, there's no "one size fits all" solution when it comes to Visitor Management. And because there are a ton of different options to choose from, finding the right one can be tricky.

However, there are several key questions you can ask that will help you zero in on the perfect Visitor Management system for your needs.

Asking yourself certain questions about what you need from a system and about how certain aspects of your site operate will eliminate some options while elevating others to the top of the pile.

The result? The perfect Visitor Management system for you.

When it comes to choosing a system, you've got all the answers

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Product Spotlight: Lanyards with a Cause

Posted by Dan Ryan on Oct 13, 2016 9:30:00 AM

Product Spotlight is a feature that will run multiple times a week, designed to showcase individual products in our broad offering. We'll highlight key features, discuss how the product is used and more. Interested in seeing a particular product featured here? Let us know!

Product: Themed/Support Lanyards
Product Category: Lanyards
SKU: 2138-5250, 2138-5081, 2138-5240, 2138-52812138-5282, AWR-34S

When thinking about lanyards, most people think custom: a nice unique logo, some text and maybe the company's colors, all mixed together and given away as a freebie at a promotional event.

Lanyards like these are usually used to promote a brand or to show support for an organization.

However, there are also standard lanyards that are designed to show support for a particular cause or organization. We call those "lanyards with a cause."

With these lanyards, you get the benefits of attention-getting customization at a standard lanyard price, all while showing support for a good cause.

Wear your favorite cause around your neck

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How to Increase Hospital Workplace Safety with Custom Badge Buddies

Posted by Dan Ryan on Oct 7, 2016 11:30:00 AM

If you've been to a large medical facility recently, chances are you encountered Badge Buddies on your visit.

Even if you're not familiar with the term "Badge Buddies," you'd know one if you saw it: those large ID tags with bright colors and big letters hanging behind the ID badge of your nurse, x-ray technician or doctor.

Healthcare facilities of all kinds rely on Badge Buddies to provide clear, effective role recognition for their employees.

While some facilities issue Badge Buddies simply to make things easier on patients, others are required by law to ensure that employee job functions are easily identifiable, and Badge Buddies are just the most convenient solution.

Basically, Badge Buddies are known as being great for making a worker's title clear.

However, custom Badge Buddies can also be used for another purpose: to keep staff members informed of a facility's emergency codes and procedures.

Combine Badge Buddies and emergency codes for a safer facility

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Topics: healthcare regulations, facility safety, healthcare, badge buddies, hospital tips, emergency codes, custom badge buddies

3 Common Worksite Problems That Can Be Solved By Contractor Management

Posted by Dan Ryan on Oct 4, 2016 8:15:00 AM

Visiting contractors play a pivotal role in operations running smoothly at organizations of all kinds.

Whether it's a warehouse that has contracted HVAC employees visit regularly to check on their freezers or an office building that has a contracted food service company bringing in deliveries daily, contractors are essential to many a successful business.

From an administrative standpoint, however, contractors can be tricky.

They're not technically employees, so they don't fall under the same umbrella as your daily personnel. However, they're also not technically guests, as they're at your site to do a job.

Contractors will be risking injury on occasion and will be logging hours that cost your organization money. For those reasons (and many more), giving each contractor a visitor badge and calling it a day simply isn't good enough.

If your organization welcomes contractors to your site on a regular (or even semi-regular) basis, you need a Contractor Management system.

From clearing up billing discrepancies to making sure your organization is protected in the event of an incident, a good Contractor Management system is crucial to ensuring that your organization is able to welcome contractors effectively and safely.

Learn how Contractor Management will help your site

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Topics: WhosOnLocation, Visitor Management, contractor management

Product Spotlight: Magnetic Badge Holders

Posted by Dan Ryan on Sep 29, 2016 3:00:00 PM

Product Spotlight is a feature that will run multiple times a week, designed to showcase individual products in our broad offering. We'll highlight key features, discuss how the product is used and more. Interested in seeing a particular product featured here? Let us know!

Product: Magnetic Badge Holders
Product Category: Badge Holders
SKU: Multiple SKUs (view full list here)

When it comes to ID badge holders, there are hundreds of different options to choose from.

You can choose hard plastic or flexible vinyl, colored or clear, credential wallet or single-card holder, clip attachment, pin attachment...the list goes on and on.

The goal of all of these holders, of course, is the same: to carry and display an ID badge. The way that goal is met depends on your own unique needs. 

Most people are familiar with clips, slots or chain holes for badge holder attachment. However, there's another way, one that requires no additional accessories and won't tear or crimp clothing:


Learn about our most "attractive" badge holders

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Contractors, Employees and Assets: What is People Presence Management?

Posted by Dan Ryan on Sep 27, 2016 3:00:00 PM

It's kind of a vague-sounding term, isn't it?

People Presence Management.

Managing presences? Is it making sure people are present?

Is it giving presents to people, just spelled incorrectly?

Yes, the idea of People Presence Management can be confusing, as it kind of sounds like a buzzword that doesn't really mean anything, like "moving the needle" or "value add."

However, in reality, you're probably already performing some kind of People Presence Management at your worksite, without even knowing it.

People Presence Management, as a practice, is a key aspect of increasing workplace safety, limiting billing discrepancies and ensuring that key insurances are recorded and up to date.

Like Visitor Management, People Presence Management is an emerging concept in the ID and security industries.

Solutions range from the basic to the comprehensive, but all of them have the same goal:

To increase control over what's going on at a worksite, thereby increasing safety and security for all.

You're probably already performing People Presence Management...

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Topics: WhosOnLocation, Visitor Management, employee attendance, contractor management, asset management, people presence management, insurance

End Fitting, Imprint Method & More: Understanding Key Lanyard Terms

Posted by Dan Ryan on Sep 23, 2016 4:00:00 PM

Lanyards are one of the most popular ID card accessories. Most people will have some idea of what a lanyard is, though they may know it as something else, like a card necklace, card carrier or even a shoelace (yes, we've heard that one before).

Lanyards are popular for a number of reasons:

  • They're easy to use: just put one around your neck!
  • They're customizable, making them perfect for brand enhancement.
  • They're versatile, offering dozens of end fittings, sizes and colors to meet any need.

Whether you're looking for a plain, affordable lanyard to issue at a convention or want to create a custom-branded solution to use as a giveaway item, you're going to run into a variety of new (and potentially confusing) terms when you're shopping around.

Finishing options? End fitting? Imprint method? 

We eat, sleep and breathe lanyards, so terms like the three listed above are second nature to us.

However, we also understand that not everyone is obsessed with ID like we are, so we wanted to provide a glossary of key terms related to lanyards.

Understanding the terms below is key to making sure you get the perfect lanyard to suit your needs. 

Consider this "Lanyards 101." Class is now in session!

Earn your bachelor's degree in lanyards

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Topics: custom lanyards, lanyards, card accessories

Product Spotlight: Custom Badge Reels with Variable Text

Posted by Dan Ryan on Sep 20, 2016 12:00:00 PM

Product Spotlight is a feature that will run multiple times a week, designed to showcase individual products in our broad offering. We'll highlight key features, discuss how the product is used and more. Interested in seeing a particular product featured here? Let us know!

Product: Custom Badge Reels with Variable Text
Product Category: Badge Reels
SKU: Multiple SKUs (view full list here)

Custom retractable badge reels are a popular ID card accessory. They're easy to use, feature custom graphics for brand enhancement and are able to carry multiple cards or keys at a time.

Plus, if we're being honest, they're kind of cool. Who hasn't had a badge reel and spent some time pulling the cord all the way out to watch it flail around? 

No? Just us? OK, moving on...

Custom badge reels are used in a variety of circumstances, like holding employee badges at offices or as giveaway items at marketing or promotional events.

On the surface, custom badge reels are pretty straightforward: take a badge reel, add your logo and POW! Custom badge reel.

However, we found a way to make custom badge reels even more "custom": by allowing the addition of different lines of text on each reel!

With variable text, it's OK to be different

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