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4 Ways to Help Your Employees Remember Their ID Badges

Posted by Dan Ryan on Jan 13, 2017 11:00:00 AM

It's happened to all of us.

You're walking up the stairs at work in the morning, ready to start the day. You might still be half asleep, but you've got your coffee, your lunch bag and you're ready to start the day.

You get to the front door and reach for your employee badge...

"Uh oh."

Then come the familiar steps:

  • Check the other pocket? Nope.
  • What about your back pocket? Nada.
  • Is it in your backpack? No dice.
  • Maybe the car? You took the train today.
  • Did I drop it on the stairs? No.
  • Maybe it's in my shoe? Now you're being ridiculous.

It settles in: you forgot your ID badge!

Don't worry. Everyone forgets. Happens to the best of us.

However, when it comes to ID badges at the workplace, forgetting a badge can cause a variety of problems, both for employees and the employer.

From having someone stuck outside until a fellow employee arrives to the employer having to deal with the potential security issues of an unidentified person walking around the facility, the "I forgot" headaches start to add up.

The easiest solution, obviously, is to help employees stop forgetting their badges. Easier said than done, right?

However, there are steps you can take to help employees remember their credentials, from specific card-carrying accessories to some good, ol' fashioned embarrassment.

Functionality, cell phones and embarrassment: what do they have in common?

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Should You Put a Slot in Your ID Cards?

Posted by Dan Ryan on Jan 6, 2017 2:30:00 PM

It's a seemingly small decision, but it's one that has a big impact on how you'll use, carry and display your ID card:

Slot or not?

You have plenty of decisions to make when it comes to designing and producing ID cards, like what to put on the cards and whether to print on one side or two.

Once that card is done, however, there's another decision you have to make: "How am I going to carry this thing?"

That's where the slot comes in.

Choosing between a slotted or slot-free ID card goes a long way towards determining how you're going to be using your ID credential

However, it's not quite as simple as "I want a slot, so I'm going to include one."

There are certain situations and materials that make a slot a good idea, and others that make slotted ID cards a bit less desirable.

Ask yourself some questions before putting a slot in your cards

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Custom Lanyards 101: What Are the Best Options for End Fittings?

Posted by Dan Ryan on Jan 5, 2017 2:30:00 PM

Custom lanyards are more than a great way to carry and display an ID card, employee badge or set of keys: they're also a highly customizable, brand-enhancing solution! With the release of our all-new custom lanyard tool, we want to shine some light on a few key custom lanyard concepts. We hope these posts will help you better understand the world of custom lanyards.

When buying any custom product, you know you're going to have several big decisions to make.

Creating custom goods is a great way to offer a unique, attention-getting product, but it's always going to be a bit more difficult than just grabbing something off the shelf or clicking "add to cart" online.

When it comes to designing custom lanyards, decisions include:

  • What material do I want to use?
  • What kind of customization will I need?
  • Do I need a safety breakaway?
  • Will I be doing positional printing or continuous?

One of the most important questions, however, isn't listed there and is often forgotten altogether: what kind of end fitting do I want?

Maybe it's because it's all the way down the end of the lanyard, or maybe it's because it's not as glitzy as choosing full-color dye sublimation over one-color silk screen, but the noble end fitting is frequently an afterthought.

Why?! The end fitting is arguably the most important part of your lanyard, as it's responsible for securing your attached credential or keys.

This post will help shed some light on what your options are when it comes to choosing an end fitting, what each end fitting offers and more.

Yes, there's an end fitting called a lobster claw. No, it isn't made of lobster.

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4 New Year's Resolutions to Help Make Your Office Better in 2017

Posted by Dan Ryan on Dec 29, 2016 1:00:00 PM

The end of 2016 is just about here, and you know what that means:


What's your goal going to be for the new year?

  • Get back in the gym?
  • One good deed per day?
  • Cutting back on your spending?

Whatever aspirations you have for the new year, we wish you the best of luck.

Resolutions are a great way to make improvements in a variety of aspects of one's life, from increasing your productivity to padding your savings account.

However, resolutions don't need to be limited to personal improvements: the start of a new year is a great time to resolve to make positive changes in your office or other workplace!

Think about it: you probably spend more hours working than doing anything else, aside from (maybe) sleeping.

If you're going to be working on making yourself the best person you can be, shouldn't you focus on making the place where you work the best it can be as well?

You're already using the new year as the impetus for improving things in your personal life; try following the suggestions on this list to extend those improvements to your co-workers.

Office resolutions: Snacks, community and more...

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Product Spotlight: Badge Holders with a Slide Ejector

Posted by Dan Ryan on Dec 28, 2016 11:30:00 AM

Product Spotlight is a feature designed to showcase individual products in our broad offering. We'll highlight key features, discuss how the product is used and more. Interested in seeing a particular product featured here? Let us know!

Product: Badge Holders with a slide ejector
Product Category: Badge Holders
SKU: 736-N, 736-T1, 736-T2

It just sounds cool: a slide ejector!

When you hear it, you can't help but picture a heroic ID card ejecting from a badge holder like a fighter pilot, parachuting safely to the ground for a hero's welcome.

No? OK, maybe that's just us.

However, a slide ejector is a pretty cool, convenient feature to have on your badge holder.

It makes things easier on the wearer of the card and provides additional protection from damage, helping credentials last longer.

Only available on select rigid badge holders, a badge holder with a slide ejector should be considered by all who remove cards from badge holders frequently.

Why remove your card manually when you can eject it?

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4 Ways to Make Visits Better For Your Guests

Posted by Dan Ryan on Dec 20, 2016 10:30:00 AM

As a business, you spend a lot of time thinking about guests as part of your office visitor policy.

All kinds of guests! Important guests, annoying guests, "I swear I'm not selling anything" guests, corporate guests, unwanted guests...name the guest type, and chances are it has crossed your mind at some point.

However, most of the time an organization spends thinking about guests involves what to do with a guest once he or she arrives on-site:

  • Management wants to know who's going to be escorting the guest around the office.
  • Security wants to know how long the guest will be staying.
  • Your employees want to know if this guest is important enough for an office lunch to be provided.

To be fair, the lines of thinking above make a lot of sense. After all, you're the host organization; you're worried about hosting.

But to get the most out of your visits, you need to think about things from your guest's point of view.

By putting yourself in the shoes of your guests, you're able to address their needs, identify their pain points and improve your processes to a point where all of the anxiety of a visit is taken away.

Better processes lead to better visits

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How to Take a Great Employee ID Photo

Posted by Dan Ryan on Dec 16, 2016 12:00:00 PM

It's the most important aspect of any student ID card, employee badge or other ID credential, yet it's the aspect that gives organizations the most trouble: the photo!

On the surface, taking a photo seems like it should be easy: just point the camera at the subject, press the button, put the file on a computer, crop it to fit and voilà — an ID photo!

However, anyone who has ever tried to take an employee ID photo knows that's never how it works.

There's always something that comes up:

  • "Why do I look like a ghost?!?"
  • "What's with all the shadows?"
  • "Ugh, I have red eye!"

It's OK to admit it: taking a good employee ID photo is hard. 

However, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to drastically cut down on the number of re-shoots you need to do, making those days of "selfie" photo ID badges a distant memory.

You don't need to be a pro to get professional-quality shots

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3 Keys to Choosing a Successful Promotional Giveaway Item

Posted by Dan Ryan on Dec 14, 2016 11:30:00 AM

There you are, set up at your trade show or promotional event. You've got your nice sign, your table, your team in their matching company shirts.

Everything is laid out nice and neat on the table in front of you: brochures, business cards, samples and, of course, the giveaway item meant to draw in potential customers.

After all, everyone loves free stuff, right?

There's only one problem: no one is coming over to take your freebie.

Is it something you said? Something you did?

No, in all likelihood, it's something you didn't do: you didn't make your promotional giveaway unique or interesting enough to grab the viewer's attention on that crowded trade show floor.

As you sit at your table or booth watching potential customers drift by, only to stop at your competition's table ("hey, look! It lights up!"), you know you need to do something different next time: you need to come up with a better promotional giveaway so that you can draw customers to your booth and let your excellent sales team take it from there.

But how?

There are thousands of different promotional giveaway items out there to choose from. But for a promotional giveaway to be great, it needs to meet three specific criteria.

If you're giving it away, make sure they want to keep it

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4 Things You Need to Stop Doing With Your ID Badges

Posted by Dan Ryan on Dec 9, 2016 4:00:00 PM

ID cards are pretty versatile, able to be used for a variety of different things.

An ID card can...

  • open a door.
  • pay for your lunch.
  • record your attendance at work.
  • log you into your work computer.

Yes, the tasks an ID card can accomplish (especially a smart card or a proximity card) go far beyond what you'd expect from a small rectangle of plastic or synthetic paper.

However, that doesn't mean an ID card can do it all.

Admit it: you've used your ID card, especially your employee badge, for non-ID purposes. We know your card didn't get that crack or those frayed edges from being worn on a badge reel all of the time.

We've all been there: we need a quick tool to perform a simple task. And when you're at work, your employee badge is right there at all times. It's tempting to reach for it...

But you have to resist! Using your ID badge for the tasks below may seem like a quick, easy solution, but it'll ultimately shorten the lifespan of your credential and cost your employer money down the line.

Put your hands up and step away from the ID badge...

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Custom Lanyards 101: What Are Continuous and Positional Printing?

Posted by Dan Ryan on Dec 7, 2016 1:00:00 PM

Custom lanyards are more than a great way to carry and display an ID card, employee badge or set of keys: they're also a highly customizable, brand-enhancing solution! With the release of our all-new custom lanyard tool, we want to shine some light on a few key custom lanyard terms. We hope these posts will help you better understand the world of custom lanyards.

When it comes to custom lanyards, "print type" can refer to more than one thing.

  • It can be the method used to print your custom design on the lanyard (e.g. dye sublimation, silk screen, etc.).
  • It can be the layout and alignment of the custom design itself.

In this case, positional printing refers the the latter: the actual alignment of the custom imagery itself.

When most people look at a custom-printed lanyard, they notice a few things right away: the custom graphic, the logo, the text, maybe the end fitting.

What most people don't notice is the way the custom design itself is printed. 

"I didn't even know you could print it more than one way," you think. 


But much like you can choose a variety of alignments when typing up a document, there is a difference between lanyard print alignments, and choosing one style over another will have a big impact on the overall look of your custom lanyard.

Don't get caught out of position

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