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IDenticard Insights

What Are Shielded Badge Holders and How Do They Work?

3 Steps You Can Take to Increase Hospital Security

Pop Quiz: 3 Questions to Ask About Your School Security System

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Lockdown/Lockout: The Feature a Modern Access Control & Security System Needs

The Hospital Dilemma: Balancing Security & A Welcoming Atmosphere

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3 Must-Have Features for an Effective School Security System

3 Reasons Why Visitor Management Is of Extra Importance in Healthcare

Calls for Stronger Healthcare Workplace Violence Prevention Measures Continue

A Quick and Easy Way to Make Your Badge Buddies Last Longer

Lancaster County Business Chooses IDenticard to Secure Its State-of-the-Art Headquarters

4 New Features that Make WhosOnLocation Even More Powerful

Data Protection & the Need for a Modern Server Rack Security Solution

Should You Integrate Surveillance Video with Your Access Control System?

3 Reasons Electronic Door Locks Continue to Grow in Popularity

The Importance of Watch Lists in Hospital Visitor Management

Beyond the Lobby: 4 Areas of Your Hospital That Would Benefit From Visitor Management

Open Up: Should You Use Access Cards, Key Fobs or Access Wristbands?

Watch Lists, User Levels & More: A Glossary of Important Visitor Management Terms

3 Questions to Ask About Your New School ID Badge Program

3 Reasons to Choose Custom-Shaped ID Cards

"Why Bother?" How to Get the Internal Buy-In For a School Security System

3 Reasons to Add Access Wristbands to Your School ID Program

5 Reasons to Invest in a School Access Control & Security System

Lockdown, Remote Unlock & More: Understanding Key Access Control Terms

3 Common ID Card Printer Issues & How You Can Solve Them

Video: 3 Ways to Carry an ID Card Without Using a Slot

3 Reasons Your School Should Invest in a Printer Support Plan

3 Ways to Prepare for Next Year's School ID Badge Printing Operation

3 Reasons to Add Custom Event Wristbands to Your Next Gathering

4 Reasons You Should Stop Eating Lunch at Your Desk or Workstation

4 More Things You Need to Stop Doing With Your ID Badges

What Are the Best Badge Holders for Active Use?

Badge Reels, Badge Holders, Lanyards or Strap Clips: Which Should You Choose?

Should You Use PVC ID Cards with a Reverse-Transfer Card Printer?

3 Creative Ways to Incorporate Walking Into Your Work Day

4 Questions to Ask When Choosing Access Control Software

3 Unique, Fun Custom Products for National Nurses Week

Holographic Laminate vs. Standard Laminate: Which Should You Choose?

How Visitor Management Can Increase Security By Stopping Hospital Intruders

Edge-to-Edge Printing vs. Over-the-Edge Printing: What's the Difference?

Would You Wear an ID Badge That Records Your Conversations?

4 Ways to Get Decision-Makers On-Board With Investing In Visitor Management

Secure Our City, IDenticard partner to offer a modern solution for a worthy cause

How to Design Custom Name Badges

What Is an Expiring Visitor Badge? [Infographic]

3 Signs It's Time to Get New Employee Badges

Product Spotlight: Secure Closure Wristbands

4 Ways to Improve a Hospital Visitor Program

How to Choose the Perfect Visitor Badges for Your Site

4 Enhancements That Make TEMPbadge Expiring Badges Better Than Ever

3 Reasons Custom Luggage Tag Holders Should Be Your Next Giveaway Item

3 Ideas For Fun, Creative Employee ID Badges

Product Spotlight: Locking Card Cases

5 Common Trade Show & Convention Mistakes You Need to Avoid

4 Ways to Help Your Employees Remember Their ID Badges

Should You Put a Slot in Your ID Cards?

Custom Lanyards 101: What Are the Best Options for End Fittings?

4 New Year's Resolutions to Help Make Your Office Better in 2017

Product Spotlight: Badge Holders with a Slide Ejector

4 Ways to Make Visits Better For Your Guests

How to Take a Great Employee ID Photo

3 Keys to Choosing a Successful Promotional Giveaway Item

4 Things You Need to Stop Doing With Your ID Badges

Custom Lanyards 101: What Are Continuous and Positional Printing?

8 Ways to Improve Your Lobby for a Better Guest Experience

3 Reasons to Get "Smart" & Ditch Keys for Apartment Building Access

3 Guest Problems That Can Be Solved By a Visitor Management System

What Are Wireless Door Locks, and How Are They Used?

Learn How One School is Getting Creative With Our Credential Wallets

Make It Yours: 2 Reasons to Choose Custom Card Accessories Over Stock Products

The Blueprint for the Perfect Employee Badge [Infographic]

3 Reasons You Need Server Rack Security

Product Spotlight: Adjustable Lanyards

How to Choose the Right ID Badge Accessory: 5 Questions You Need to Ask

3 Tips on Buying Lanyards for Schools

3 Creative Ways to Use Badge Buddies at Your School

5 Signs Your Current Visitor Management Program Needs Help

5 Questions to Ask When Shopping for a Visitor Management System

Product Spotlight: Lanyards with a Cause

How to Increase Hospital Workplace Safety with Custom Badge Buddies

3 Common Worksite Problems That Can Be Solved By Contractor Management

Product Spotlight: Magnetic Badge Holders

Contractors, Employees and Assets: What is People Presence Management?

End Fitting, Imprint Method & More: Understanding Key Lanyard Terms

Product Spotlight: Custom Badge Reels with Variable Text

4 Questions to Ask When Choosing ID Badge Holders

Product Spotlight: Vinyl Badge Holders with Color Bar & Neck Cord

3 Ways to Do More with Your Employee Badges

Product Spotlight: Polka Dot Lanyards

5 Ways an Access Control System Can Help Increase Safety in Schools

Two New Features that Let You Do More with WhosOnLocation

How to Use Acknowledgement Notices to Increase Workplace Safety

4 Ways a Visitor Management Program Helps Increase Workplace Safety

Product Spotlight: Colored PVC ID Cards

What Are Access Wristbands?

How to Quickly Add Security to Your ID Cards with Holographic Overlays

What Do Cal/OSHA's Proposed Standards Mean for Healthcare Visitor Management?

Printer Ribbons: What does YMCKO mean?

5 Ways an Access Control System Will Increase Safety at Your Site

How to Buy ID Cards: 5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing Your Card Type

Product Spotlight: Vinyl Multi-Directional Badge Holder

The 3 Hidden Benefits of Having a Visitor Management System

Why Should You Laminate Your ID Cards?

3 Ways Badge Buddies Can Enhance Your Healthcare ID Program

Product Spotlight: Clear Custom Badge Buddies

Lanyards 101: The Anatomy of a Custom Lanyard [Infographic]

Product Spotlight: Vinyl Badge Holders with Translucent Color Bar

What is a Stickyback Card, and How is it Used?

CR-What? The Difference Between CR80 and CR100 ID Cards

3 Ways PremiSys™ and Schlage® Locks Work Together for Better Building Access Control

Product Spotlight: Single-Piece Expiring TEMPbadge™ Visitor Badge

Retractable Badge Reels: What Are Your Options for End Fittings?

Product Spotlight: Pre-Printed Role-Recognition Lanyards

4 Real-World Examples of How a Visitor Management System Helped Our Customers

4 Creative Ways to Use WhosOnLocation™ Triggers at Your Site

Product Spotlight: LogoClips™

What is HL7 & Why Is It Important for Healthcare Visitor Management?

Product Spotlight: CardProtectors™ Shielded Card Holders

3 Reasons PremiSys ID is Perfect for Creating Employee Badges

5 Reasons PremiSys is Perfect for Multifamily Building Access Control

Watch How Easy It Is for Your RFID Card to be Cloned By Hackers [Video]

Product Spotlight: Neon Lanyards with a Safety Breakaway

3 Ways the PremiSys™ Dashboard Makes It Easier to Monitor an Access Control System

Product Spotlight: IDentiPROX™ Key Fobs

3 Ways for Colleges to Prepare for Student ID Card Season

Product Spotlight: Brady Clothing-Friendly™ Strap Clip

2 Unique Giveaway Items Impossible for Your Potential Customers to Ignore

Product Spotlight: TEMPBadge™ Visitor Badge Log Books

4 Questions to Ask When Buying a New ID Card Printer

Product Spotlight: 3-Card B-Holder

4 Reasons a Custom Bottle Opener Lanyard is the Perfect Customer Giveaway Item for Your Brand

Product Spotlight: Silicone Mobile Phone Wallets

3 Ways Our JetPak™ ID Cards Go Above & Beyond PVC Cards

The Three Different Methods Used to Create Custom Retractable Badge Reels

The Twist-Free B-Reel®: Healthcare's Favorite Badge Reel [Video]

Bring a Friend: The "Two-Man Rule" & What It Means for Data Center Security

OSHA Healthcare Guidelines: What Do They Mean for Your Facility?

The 2 New Features that Make WhosOnLocation Even More Powerful

Silk Screen, Dye-Sub and Woven-In: A Look at Our Custom Lanyards [Infographic]

4 Ways a Visitor Management System Helps Secure Your School

4 Ways WhosOnLocation™ Goes Above and Beyond Visitor Management

The 3 Most Common ID Card Sizes [Infographic]

5 Myths About Visitor Management (and the Truth Behind All 5)

Go Beyond Cards: 2 Ways to Diversify Your Access Control Program

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