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Contractors, Employees and Assets: What is People Presence Management?

Posted by Dan Ryan on Sep 27, 2016 12:00:00 PM

Contractors_working_at_a_job_site.jpgIt's kind of a vague-sounding term, isn't it?

People Presence Management.

Managing presences? Is it making sure people are present?

Is it giving presents to people, just spelled incorrectly?

Yes, the idea of People Presence Management can be confusing, as it kind of sounds like a buzzword that doesn't really mean anything, like "moving the needle" or "value add."

However, in reality, you're probably already performing some kind of People Presence Management at your worksite, without even knowing it.

People Presence Management, as a practice, is a key aspect of increasing workplace safety, limiting billing discrepancies and ensuring that key insurances are recorded and up to date.

Like Visitor Management, People Presence Management is an emerging concept in the ID and security industries.

Solutions range from the basic to the comprehensive, but all of them have the same goal:

To increase control over what's going on at a worksite, thereby increasing safety and security for all.

You're probably already performing People Presence Management...

"Alright," you're thinking. "So what does it mean?"

People Presence Management refers to the practice of registering, tracking and monitoring personnel who are regularly on-site.

Sounds a lot like Visitor Management, right?

However, there's a key difference between Visitor Management and what we refer to as People Presence Management.

Visitor Management deals with infrequent guests, unscheduled guests or short-term guests. People Presence Management deals with known, expected and permanent personnel.

Basically, Visitor Management is strictly for visitors, while People Presence Management is for longer-term people: think employees, on-site contractors, vendors and similar personnel.

What are some real-world examples of People Presence Management?

Now that you have a better grasp of what People Presence Management is as a concept, it's important to understand how it's used in practice.Contractor_induction_safety_questionnaire.png

  1. You're the manager of a large, multi-tenant building in a major city. As part of building maintenance, you have a contracted HVAC company come to the facility once a week to perform tune-ups and repairs. 
    • In this case, People Presence Management would be signing-in the contractors, notifying them of any potential hazards on the jobsite, checking to make sure their insurances and certifications are up to date and having them sign out at the end of the day for billing purposes.
  2. As a manager at a small retail store, you're responsible for making sure payroll is accurate. You have a dozen or so employees. Each employee has a set hourly schedule, but occasionally stays behind to help when lines are long.
    • In this case, People Presence Management would be having all of your employees sign in and sign out at the bookends of their shifts. This way, you have an accurate record of the time in and time out, reducing the risk of over- or underpaying employees.
  3. You're an office manager at a mid-sized marketing firm. Because your team isn't huge, you have a lot of shared resources, including a projector, a digital camera and a laptop specifically for media editing.
    • In this case, People Presence Management would involve recording who is using each asset, where the asset is being used and when it's due back. This helps eliminate the confusion that can come along with borrowed assets, ensuring the person responsible for each asset is held accountable.

Why is People Presence Management important?

Like Visitor Management, the main appeal of People Presence Management is protecting yourself and your organization against potential issues.

People Presence Management helps you maintain better control over things like hourly billing and contractor insurances while also offering some insight into things like the number of employees on-site or which contractors are present on a given day.

In some ways, People Presence Management is one of those things you don't know you need until you actually need it. By being prepared and implementing People Presence Management at your site in advance of any issues, you'd be covered in the following scenarios:

  • A contractor bills you for 10 hours of work. You say he was only there for 8, but can't find your log book.
  • Your contractor leaves a pile of scraps in the middle of the hallway, and a guest trips and falls. You then find out that the contractor's insurance has expired.
  • An employee claims that you are underpaying him by two hours, insisting that he stayed late on Monday and Tuesday.
  • Your office shares a Macbook® computer among all of the employees, and it's missing. No one will admit to being the last one to use it, and no one remembers signing it out.

Without People Presence Management, you'd be out of luck, with your word against someone else's.

Better safe than sorry!

The best way to implement a People Presence Management system at your site is by adopting WhosOnLocation!

WhosOnLocation offers Visitor Management along with full People Presence Management capabilities, including Contractor Management, Employee Attendance Management and Asset Management.

You can try WhosOnLocation for free at your site for 30 days — with no obligations! Give it a try today and see the difference a comprehensive Visitor and People Presence Management system can make.

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