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Product Spotlight: Badge Holders with a Slide Ejector

Posted by Dan Ryan on Dec 28, 2016 8:30:00 AM

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Product: Badge Holders with a slide ejector
Product Category: Badge Holders
SKU: 736-N, 736-T1, 736-T2

badge holder with slide ejector.pngIt just sounds cool: a slide ejector!

When you hear it, you can't help but picture a heroic ID card ejecting from a badge holder like a fighter pilot, parachuting safely to the ground for a hero's welcome.

No? OK, maybe that's just us.

However, a slide ejector is a pretty cool, convenient feature to have on your badge holder.

It makes things easier on the wearer of the card and provides additional protection from damage, helping credentials last longer.

Only available on select rigid badge holders, a badge holder with a slide ejector should be considered by all who remove cards from badge holders frequently.

Why remove your card manually when you can eject it?

Badge holders are available in several different "extraction methods," which is what we call the process used to remove an ID card from the holder. Options include:

  • Manual, where the user simply reaches into the holder with his or her fingers to slide the badge out
  • Levers, where the user flips a lever to push the card out of the holder
  • Slide ejectors, where the user pushes the ejector to propel the credential out of the holder.
  • Thumbnotch, where a small cutout in the holder allows the user to pull the card out with his or her thumb.

Before you get too scared, don't worry: badge holders with a slide ejector don't "eject" the card as fast as their name would imply.

If you were expecting these badge holders to shoot your credential up to the ceiling, you're going to be let down.

Instead, the holder uses a small piece of plastic that catches the edge of the inserted credential and softly pushes it upward, exposing part of the card.

Take a look:

The ejector on the back of the holder slides with ease...

showing the slide ejector on a badge holder.gif

...pushing up an inserted credential!

ejector badge holder animation.gif

See? It's about the most gentle ejection one can have!

By exposing the card, these holders make it easier to pull the card out for scanning and swiping. 

Features & benefits

  • Slide ejectors are available on rigid plastic holders, which protect credentials from bending and cracking better than flexible holders.
  • A clear plastic material keeps the information printed on the inserted credential visible.
  • Badge holders with a slide ejector feature a slot for easy attachment using a strap clip or badge reel.
  • Slide ejectors make it easier to get a card out for use: instead of fishing in the holder with fingers or shaking it upside down to get the card loose, you can slide the card right out.
  • By sliding the card out, users are able to grip the card by the sides, instead of the face. By doing this, oil buildup from fingers and general wear-and-tear on the printed parts of the card are lessened, helping the card last longer.
  • Multiple sizes and two-card holders are available.

How are they used?

  • Badge holders with slide ejectors can be used in schools, hospitals and more. The common thread is that these holders are used with cards that need to be scanned or swiped frequently, like magnetic stripe cards or barcode cards. The slide ejector makes it easy to pop the card out, use it and slide it back in.

Interested in getting badge holders for your ID cards? We offer dozens of different options and make it easy to find the one for you with our interactive badge holder selector tool. Choose the criteria that matter to you and see only the products that meet those needs!

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