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5 Signs Your Visitor Management System Isn't Getting the Job Done

Posted by Dan Ryan on Nov 29, 2018 1:00:00 PM

With Visitor Management, it's easy to talk about the good stuff.

When your system prevents an unwanted guest from gaining access to your site or a guest compliments the strong first impression he or she got from your sign-in process, it's fun to soak in the praise.

You take a step back, pat yourself on the back and think, "I am great."

And you are! There's nothing wrong with celebrating Visitor Management successes and basking in the glory of keeping your site and its personnel safe and secure.

However, there's also the other side of the coin.

Yes, the bad.

No one likes to discuss their failures, let alone celebrate them. But with Visitor Management, some failures are telltale signs that your Visitor Management installation isn't working properly, and needs to be looked at again.

Don't worry!

These failures aren't things that you need to dwell on or mope about. Instead, identifying these weaknesses can be looked at as a good thing: by finding issues and rectifying them, you'll ensure that your site remains secure.

You can't fix your problems without identifying them first

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4 Ways a Visitor Management Program Helps Increase Workplace Safety

Posted by Dan Ryan on Nov 20, 2017 10:00:00 AM

Think about a standard Visitor Management system.

What's the main goal any system should strive to achieve?

"Well, that's obvious," you think. "It should be able to tell you who is coming and who is going from your premises at all times."

Hey, you've been reading our website!

Sounds simple enough, right?

However, if you dig a little deeper, there's a larger root cause behind every Visitor Management system.

After all, most organizations aren't just a bunch of nosy people who want to know the names of strangers coming by.

No, the overarching goal of Visitor Management is to increase workplace safety for all on-site personnel, including both staff and guests.

And if you stop and think about it, it makes a lot of sense: Visitor Management systems try to identify threats, prevent unauthorized access and record any incidents, three key components to keeping a work site safe and incident-free. 

However, today's Visitor Management systems go far beyond simply recording a name when it comes to keeping your workplace safe from violence.

Visual deterrents, watch lists and more

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4 Ways to Get Decision-Makers On-Board With Investing In Visitor Management

Posted by Dan Ryan on Mar 10, 2017 10:00:00 AM

In many large organizations, there can be a bit of a disconnect between the budget decision-makers and the "boots on the ground," the people working in various capacities around the organization.

Consider the following scenario, a common one with IT departments around the world:

An IT decision-maker receives a request for upgraded hardware, which isn't in the budget. IT sees that the employee making the request has a three-year-old laptop, the same as everyone else in the organization, and denies the request.

However, that decision-maker doesn't see that this employee's job requires working with graphics, video and high-intensity applications that cause the three-year-old computer to run at a snail's pace. 

IT sees a dollar amount, while the employee sees a problem that needs solving.

This isn't to pick on IT: the same scenario plays out in multiple departments across organizations of all kinds.

It's frustrating, but the reasoning behind it makes sense: someone needs to be in charge of the checkbook to prevent runaway spending.

Investing in a Visitor Management system is an undertaking that can meet resistance from the budgeting team or the upper-level decision-makers.

"You want to spend what?! Just to record people who visit? Why can't we just use the paper book?"

The reason for this reaction is usually related to the aforementioned disconnect. Decision-makers aren't at the front desk every day. They don't experience the headaches and hassles that the receptionists and security officers of the world deal with on a daily basis.

The best way to get a decision-maker on-board with a Visitor Management investment is to put the investment in terms that he or she will understand.

"Here's how we'll benefit from this investment."

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