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The Three Different Methods Used to Create Custom Retractable Badge Reels

Posted by Dan Ryan on May 6, 2016 10:31:14 AM

IDenticard_Custom_Badge_Reels_Customization_Methods.pngRetractable badge reels, also known as retractable card holders, are a popular card-carrying accessory across a number of industries. They're convenient, easy to use and offer a great opportunity for custom branding.

While there are dozens of different kinds of badge reels, they fundamentally do the same thing: hold and display a card or key while allowing it to be pulled away from the body for scanning, swiping or opening doors. 

This functionality is one of the reasons retractable badge reels are so popular, as they keep a card or key readily available for use without it getting in the way or being inconvenient.

However, the main appeal of these card accessories is the ability to create custom retractable badge reels with a brand's logo, slogan or other relevant imagery. Custom badge reels are perfect for internal use displaying ID cards or badges, for promotional use as a marketing or giveaway item and more.

No matter the use, the result is the same: your brand, right there for every swipe of the card or turn of the key.

When it comes to creating custom retractable card holders, however, customers have a choice to make: which customization method do I choose?

What are the three badge holder customization methods?

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