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5 Signs Your Visitor Management System Isn't Getting the Job Done

Posted by Dan Ryan on Nov 29, 2018 1:00:00 PM

With Visitor Management, it's easy to talk about the good stuff.

When your system prevents an unwanted guest from gaining access to your site or a guest compliments the strong first impression he or she got from your sign-in process, it's fun to soak in the praise.

You take a step back, pat yourself on the back and think, "I am great."

And you are! There's nothing wrong with celebrating Visitor Management successes and basking in the glory of keeping your site and its personnel safe and secure.

However, there's also the other side of the coin.

Yes, the bad.

No one likes to discuss their failures, let alone celebrate them. But with Visitor Management, some failures are telltale signs that your Visitor Management installation isn't working properly, and needs to be looked at again.

Don't worry!

These failures aren't things that you need to dwell on or mope about. Instead, identifying these weaknesses can be looked at as a good thing: by finding issues and rectifying them, you'll ensure that your site remains secure.

You can't fix your problems without identifying them first

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How to Use Acknowledgement Notices to Increase Workplace Safety

Posted by Dan Ryan on Aug 30, 2016 7:45:00 AM

By nature, worksites are busy places.

From small offices to bustling construction sites, warehouses to office towers, there's always a flurry of activity.

As an employee, you get to know your worksite pretty intimately: you know that there's a fire drill on the first Friday of every month, or that you need to avoid the big conference room because the ceiling is leaking.

When you spend the majority of your day at the same place, you get pretty familiar with all of the ins and outs, and those in charge are able to effectively communicate any status changes.

For example, if the kitchen is going to be closed on Tuesday, a facility email is sufficient to inform all employees.

However, visitors to your facility have no way of knowing what's going on at your site prior to arrival, and will likely be unfamiliar with rules, regulations, tips and tricks.

Keeping your visitors informed is more than just common courtesy (obviously they should know that Monday is food truck day!); it also helps keep them safe, alerting them to potential hazards, facility policies and more.

So, how can you keep your guests in the know?

Sure, you could have your front desk personnel read each guest a few announcements, or could just put a piece of paper at the front door. 

But that would take time out of your employee's day, and signs often get overlooked.

There's a better way.

Acknowledgement notices: Digital confirmation of "yes, I understand"

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Topics: WhosOnLocation, Visitor Management, school visitor management, healthcare Visitor Management, acknowledgement notices, workplace safety, government Visitor Management

Product Spotlight: Single-Piece Expiring TEMPbadge™ Visitor Badge

Posted by Dan Ryan on Jul 7, 2016 8:15:00 AM

Product Spotlight is a feature that will run multiple times a week, designed to showcase individual products in our broad offering. We'll highlight key features, discuss how the product is used and more. Interested in seeing a particular product featured here? Let us know!

Product: 1-day Single-Piece Expiring Visitor Badge
Product Category: Visitor Management - Expiring Badges
SKU: 02014

TEMPbadge expiring visitor badges are an excellent way to increase security at sites of all kinds.

Serving as an entry-level Visitor Management solution, these convenient badges expire after a day's use to indicate that a visitor's time is up.

With no software to install or printers to set up, this TEMPbadge 1-day single-piece expiring badge is about as easy as it gets. 

To use it, simply:

  • Write the guest's name on the badge using a pen, pencil or marker.
  • Remove the tab at the bottom of the badge.
  • Lift the top of the badge and remove the adhesive liner.
  • Press the badge parts together and issue with a card clip.

It's one thing to read a few bullets on how simple it is to use this expiring visitor badge, but it's another to see it in action.

See how easy it is to track guests with a TEMPbadge expiring visitor badge

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Topics: Visitor Management, expiring visitor badges, product spotlight, school visitor management, healthcare Visitor Management, government Visitor Management

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