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5 Reasons Why an Access Control System Will Lead to a Safer Facility

Posted by Dan Ryan on Oct 11, 2018 12:30:00 PM

Physical access control systems can be configured in several different ways and can have a number of different components.

However, the main goal is always the same: to increase safety and security at a site.

Most people are familiar with the basic idea of access control, but oftentimes an access control system is viewed as just another way to lock doors.

After all, that's what they're supposed to do, right?Just let some people in, and keep other people out?

Well...not exactly.

While it's true that card readers and compatible locks are key parts of a good access control system, the truth is that an access control system is so much more than a series of locks and card readers.

Aside from managing access to doors, an access control system is able to enhance security at your site in a number of ways.

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3 Ways PremiSys™ and Schlage® Locks Work Together for Better Building Access Control

Posted by Dan Ryan on Jul 8, 2016 6:00:00 AM

Finding the perfect building access control solution is no small task.

A facilities manager must consider a variety of different factors when researching systems, including how the system is managed, what kind of hardware and installation is required, what the costs look like against the budget and more.

With so much information to consider, buying an access control system for a building can seem more like studying for a final exam than making a purchase.

To make things even more complicated, facilities managers often seem to want things that contradict each other.

They want an access control system that's easy to manage, yet complex enough to be secure; affordable, yet robust enough to be impressive.

Fortunately, there are two solutions that come together to make the requests above go from seemingly impossible to within reach: the PremiSys access control system and Schlage® wireless locks with ENGAGE technology.

Why are PremiSys and Schlage locks better together?

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Topics: access control, access control for apartment buildings, PremiSys, wireless lock systems, Schlage locks, building access control

3 Ways the PremiSys™ Dashboard Makes It Easier to Monitor an Access Control System

Posted by Dan Ryan on Jun 3, 2016 12:55:00 PM

Monitoring an access control system can be difficult. Between managing door alerts, controlling user access, maintaining your hardware and responding to alarms, monitoring a busy system can sometimes feel like sitting in Mission Control at NASA.

Yes, the point of an access control system is to make a building more secure, but you don't want that security to drive your facilities director nuts.

Access control systems can be complicated (as they should be, by nature, if the point is to increase security). However, you don't want a system that's so complex and so unwieldy that it becomes more of a burden than a benefit.

If only there was a tool out there that allowed a user to monitor all aspects of a security system from a single screen...

Oh, wait. There is!

It's called the PremiSys Security Management Dashboard (referred to hereafter simply as Dashboard). 

Dashboard is an add-on software management tool for the PremiSys Access Control System. It's an award-winning piece of software, as it was named the Best New Product in Access Control Hardware & Software at the 2015 SIA New Product Showcase.

So yeah, it's pretty cool.

The point of Dashboard is to give users maximum control over all aspects of their access control system, essentially serving as a one-stop shop for every part of a system. To make things even better, Dashboard is optimized for use on the iPad®, meaning you can use it to monitor your facilities on the go.

Dashboard gives PremiSys users the ability to monitor their system in a more concise manner, making it easier to increase security and preventing your facilities director from ripping out even more of his hair.

How can the PremiSys Dashboard make your security director's life easier?

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