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How to Effectively Use School IDs for Enhanced Safety

Posted by Dan Ryan on Sep 27, 2018 7:00:00 AM

A good school ID badge can go beyond just identifying students and staff — it can also boost safety on your campus.

In an effort to make campuses as safe as possible, today’s schools are leaving no stone unturned when looking for the latest and greatest security enhancements.

Schools that previously left doors unlocked are now turning to smart lock systems that can be controlled remotely. Campuses that formerly used a volunteer with a notebook to register guests are now using robust Visitor Management systems.

In an ideal world, schools wouldn’t need to spend any time worrying about taking proactive steps to ensure the safety of students and staff, but the threats today’s schools face are too serious to ignore.

However, in a rush to add surveillance cameras and metal detectors, schools are overlooking a more basic way to enhance security: the use of school identification cards for students and staff.

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With Apple Leading the Way, Are Mobile Student ID Cards the Future of Campus Identification?

Posted by Dan Ryan on Jun 6, 2018 6:30:00 AM

Student ID cards have been ubiquitous on college campuses for decades. The thin pieces of PVC are one of the first items students are given when they arrive at school and are essential to the campus experience. 

Need to get into your dorm room? Use your student ID card. Buying lunch at the dining hall? Student ID card. Finally getting around to dealing with that pile of laundry in the corner? Yup — student ID card.

The trusty student ID card has served generations of college students well. It has also evolved with the times, changing from relatively plain cards with little more than a name and photo to today's contactless smart cards that open doors and process payments.

While it's admirable that the trusty student ID card has managed to keep pace in today's tech-focused world, it's about to be challenged by what might be the only thing more ubiquitous on the average college campus: the smartphone.

A limited-use gimmick or the next big thing?

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Topics: wearable technology, tech tips, student id cards, campus id solutions

CR-What? The Difference Between CR80 and CR100 ID Cards

Posted by Dan Ryan on Jan 11, 2018 12:00:00 PM

It's something you'll see often if you're shopping for new ID cards: the letters "CR" followed by a dash and a two- or three-digit number.

Those unfamiliar with ID cards probably see that collection of characters and assume it's some kind of branding tool or the name of a specific product.

However, the CR numbers are actually something much more basic: they denote the size of the ID credentials to which they are assigned.

Similar to how an XL men's dress shirt will always have the same sleeve length and how you know exactly how many ounces of liquid are in your "venti" coffee, "CR-" is a way to inform shoppers about the exact dimensions of an ID credential.

There are several different sizes of ID credential, but this post will focus on the two most popular sizes:

CR80 and CR100.

Learn more about CR80 and CR100 ID cards

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Why Should You Laminate Your ID Cards?

Posted by Dan Ryan on Nov 29, 2017 10:30:00 AM

Choosing between laminated ID cards and standard ID cards is one of the first decisions you must make when selecting new card stock for an ID program.

Why, you ask? 

Because the results of that debate are going to determine what you do with a variety of other important aspects of your program,  including:

  • What kind of ID card printer you need
  • Your cost for ID card supplies
  • Whether or not you need a card-carrying accessory
Initially, many people see the higher cost of a lamination-enabled card printer or see the burden of buying a laminating machine with pouches and are put off by the idea of lamination.

"We'll just be careful with the cards," they think.

However, laminating your ID cards offers a number of benefits to both your ID program and your organization as a whole. Some are obvious. Some are a little more obscure. 

But all three will have your organization wondering why it didn't make the switch to laminated cards sooner.

Learn more about how you'll benefit from using laminated ID cards

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3 Questions to Ask About Your New School ID Badge Program

Posted by Dan Ryan on Jun 7, 2017 11:00:00 AM

For many educational institutions, the end of the school year is a time to reflect on the year gone by, wrap up any loose ends and make plans for the "off" months ahead.

However, the end of the school year is also budgeting season, making it the perfect time for schools to plan for upcoming expenses, both large and small.

This makes school budgeting season the perfect time to think about investing in a school ID card program, whether it's an overhaul of your existing solution or implementing student or employee ID badges for the first time.

While an investment in an ID program isn't going to completely blow the budget like a new gym floor or repairs to the HVAC system might, creating a new identification badge program will require careful planning and investment.

In order to get the most efficient and effective badging system possible, it's understand what options you have moving forward and how those options mesh with your school's needs.

When it comes to school ID badges, don't just wing it

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3 Reasons Your School Should Invest in a Printer Support Plan

Posted by Dan Ryan on May 9, 2017 10:30:00 AM

Lets's be honest: service plans have a bad reputation, and it's not really fair.

Service plans or support contracts are often viewed as unnecessary throw-ins, added on at the end of a transaction by a greedy salesperson who's looking to pad his or her bottom line.

"Say, would you like to add a two-year contract to that blender for only $44.99? It covers everything!"

As a society obsessed with gadgets and the latest technologies, service plans have become ubiquitous, and with that ubiquity has come a level of annoyance: "no, I don't want that, just ring me up so I can go home."

However, there's a level of investment where the burden of the additional cost associated with a service plan is outweighed by the benefits and peace of mind that service plan provides.

Cars, home appliances and large machinery are common items where a service plan or extended warranty just makes sense: you paid so much for the thing that you want to make sure it's not going to die after a few months.

A school probably isn't investing in a new six-burner range any time soon, but many schools do make an investment in a valuable piece of machinery that could benefit from a service plan: an ID card printer.

More than just a throw-in...

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3 Ways for Colleges to Prepare for Student ID Card Season

Posted by Dan Ryan on Jun 1, 2016 1:30:00 PM

It's the beginning of June, and you can feel summer coming. Colleges and universities have already ended classes for the year, with high schools, middle schools and elementary schools not far behind.

At this time of year, the thoughts of most people turn towards beaches, cold drinks, pools and beautiful weather...

...unless you work in the ID card office of a college.

If that's case, you probably have one thought crossing your mind more than all the rest:

"Uh oh. The new students are coming."

Yes, summer means college orientation season, when thousands of new students flock to campuses across the country eager to get those first few days of college experience under their belts.

While some orientations occur later in the summer and some schools leave their ID badging until the first week of school in the fall, the waves of students beginning orientation usually signal the beginning of student ID card printing season.

For many schools, the student ID card is the center of the college universe: cards are used to identify students (duh), grant access to classrooms and dormitories, pay for meals and more.

Simply put, a solid student ID card program is key to a great campus experience for your students.

With student ID badging season rapidly approaching, it's important to make sure your school's student ID card program is ready to handle the new load of students.

We've compiled a list of three steps you can take to make sure your school is ready to welcome its newest batch of students, and to ensure that your summer badging operations go off without a hitch.

How can you ensure your student ID card operation is ready?

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